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10 Tips How To Write A Perfect Blog

10 Tips How To Write A Perfect Blog

Blogging has now become a vital asset for courtesy websites. It’s like adding a surround sound system or a Blu-ray player to your big screen TV. Blog writing can be very difficult and intimidating. So I took the time to provide advice on how to write a good blog. I have put together 10 tips that will surely simplify the process.

1 – It is all about the title

How many times have you picked up a magazine or a book to its catchy title? The title of the blog is the key to attracting people to read. The title is one of the most important elements for SEO. Make sure you have your main keywords in the title tag present.

2 – Write for readers

Let’s face it, nobody wants to read blogs written in English writing style of Shakespeare classic. A blog should be clear and easy to read. Try to use short sentences, selecting less difficult words for readability.

3 – The structure of your content

Write short paragraphs separated by subordinated indebtedness, including the use of bulleted lists is recommended. This type of structure allows easy blog to read and allows the reader to understand the content of your blog in seconds.

4 – Provide information content

For SEO purposes, it is recommended to include no less than 300 words in his blog. The content should be informative to your readers; not to publish anything that seems too commercial or looks abnormal. However; the blog must demonstrate their experience and their knowledge questions and answers, advice and related information. This will encourage your readers to visit your blog regularly.

5 – Tell your reader what to do next

Towards the end of the blog, encourage your readers to share your content on social networks and continue to read other related articles. This will improve the retention of information in their blog and maintain its existence in the player’s memory. Undoubtedly increase the time the player enters on their blogs, and thus ultimately increase the loyalty of its readers.

6 – Include a picture

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” images make your blog visually appealing. You can create or acquire images relevant sites like Shutterstock. Be sure to compress images as they can make your blog is very slow to download.

7 – Check your Blog Post

Post a blog with grammatical and spelling errors may make it look unprofessional. Read his blog several times and have a colleague and corrected before finally published.

8 – Links to other pages

A good practice is to include links to other relevant pages. Do not overdo link to other pages like this can be a distraction to the reader and you can get penalized by Google hampering search engine optimization efforts.

9 – Give a Guestbook

Most readers who enjoy reading your blog will leave a positive comment. In addition to these readers who need more information to ask questions open the door to an interesting conversation.

10 – Web search

Research the subject you want to write can help improve the quality of your blog and often help inspire write better blogs.


Blogs can be a challenge, but it is not rocket science. All you need is practice! In fact, at the time of writing its tenth blog where it will be noticed a marked improvement in their skills both writing style and research. I hope these tips provide the necessary guidelines to start writing good blogs.

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