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1st year english notes chapter 6

English full notes of class 11

1st year english notes chapter 6

Study Questions (Fly Away by Ralph Helfer)

Question 1 Answer: There was that artificial dead body lying on the ground in the forest Helfer was asked to provide a swarm of 5000 trained flies who was to be crawling on it without flying away. Then they all were wanted to fly away on command.

Question 2 Answer: On the morning of the shoot, all the flies hatched right on schedule. The writer of the story loaded up and headed for the studio location.

Question 3 Answer: The director and crew, who disbelieved in his achievement, welcomed him. Bets and jokes were being made in all directions. the director came over to him with a suspicious look in his eyes and asked him if it was true that he could put 5000 flies on somthing and they would crawl ahead. The narrator affirmed his statement.

Question 4 Answer: Helfer kept the tranquilizer hidden at the shoot because he wanted to hide the secret of putting flies to sleep.

Question 5 Answer: The way Helfer planned and executed the effect suggest that he is an excellent and highly skilled animal trainer.

Question 6 Answer: Helfer pretended to count out the number of flies because he wanted to convince the director that the number of flies was exactly 5000.

Question 7 Answer: I think Helfer feels extremely happy about his achievement.

Question 8 Answer: No, Helfer should not have revealed his secret of success to the director. Because if the director would have come to know about the simple and easy way of doing all this, he would not have applauded him so much.

Question 9 Answer: Helfer tells about his work from his personal experience with insects. He knew how they behave and react.

Question 10 Answer: No , I think I would would not like to be an animal trainer like Helfer. Because it seems to me a thirty job. I would like to become an accountant and enjoy having a lot of money lying at my arms length.

1st year english notes chapter 6 Study Questions (Fly Away by Ralph Helfer) End.

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Study Questions (The Man Who Was a Hospital by Jerome K.Jerome)

Question 1 Answer: The author was reading an advertisement of a pharmaceutical company about a patent liver-pill that offered a sure treatment for the disorder of liver. Then the detail of various symptoms was given. By reading the symptoms anyone could tell when his liver was out of order. He applied them to himself and supected that his liver was out of order.

Question 2 Answer: The author entered the reading-room of the British Museum to read up the treatment of  fever, a light decrease, he fancied he was suffering from. He sat down to have a look at he long list of cautionary symptoms. he start reading them one by one. He thought that he was suffering from all those dangerous diseases. So he bacame tense and worried. That is why he walked out of reading-room with a heavy heart.

Question 3 Answer: The author thought that he had all diseases in the book because the symptoms of various diseases match the sensations that he had felt at different time in life.

Question 4 Answer: The author felt hurt when he discovered that he did not have the housemaid’s knee because he thought it was offensively discreminating to reserve it for old women. He wished to suffer from all the known diseases.

1st year english notes chapter 6 Study Questions (The Man Who Was a Hospital by Jerome K.Jerome) End.

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