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I begged Jackie Paper

I begged Jackie Paper

Beggars of California  With their tattoos and their piercings, I don’t give money to beggars in California                              Up on the Haight with his honey, not really in need, this beggar of California At least in New York you get some song […]

Eyes to eyes meet

Eyes to eyes meet

IN THE MEADOWS IS MY DREAM Strolling, strolling we are in the meadow: airy and greenwhere asters, dahlias, nod  nd wink passing their green With him by my side, the hours of dread and fear  are goneHis blue eyes speak: we are a match in heaven, always green Dandelion heads float like little parachutes while […]

For love is patient

For love is patient

So long, so very long, since the coal has burst to flameI have trained with restraint the green eyed monster cursed to flame For love is patient, love is kind. It does not envyI would not have my love for y0u eternally accursed to flame I lost you, yes I lost you, and I often […]

set my teeth in the silver of the moo...

set my teeth in the silver of the moon

I Will Wade 0ut i will wade out                        till my thighs R steeped in burning flowersI will take the sun in my mouthnd leap into the ripe air                                  […]

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