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Computer full notes of class 11 chapter 4



Computer full notes of class 11 chapter 4
Fill in the blanks with the correct words:
1 = Computer Aided Design, 2 = Cost , 3 = Huge , 4 = Deaf , 5 = Quality and Accuracy , 6 = Process , 7 = Interactive Multimedia Training System , 8 = Versatility, 9 = Assist , 10 = Quality .
Computer full notes of class 11 chapter 4 MCQS end.

Short And Long Questions

Question 1 Answer.
Computer is very useful machine. No one can deny its usefulness and importance. It can be used in very field of our life. The different fileds where computer is used are:
CBT (Computer Based Training)
CAL (Computer Aided Learning)
Computer and the disabled people
CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing)
Medical field or health
Business (Which includes Retail, E-commerce and Electronic banking)
Computer simulation
IMTS (Interactive Multimedia Training System)

Question 2 Answer.
Computer Based Training (CBT): Training through computer is called CBT (Computer Based Training).
Computer can be used to train people in different areas. This training may be from how to type a word or document to how to fly a jumbo jet.
Benefits of CBT (Computer Based Training):
CBT is more economical. The employee or trainee does not have to pay for travelling, accomodation and training.

CBT is available to the staff all the times at their door. They can get training when they want. In this way CBT save time of employe.

New staff members can immediately start and get training after joining the department or organization.

Through CBT, students can study at their own speed.

Through CBT, a trainer can train himself before training the others.

Question 3 Answer.
CAL (Computer Aided Learning): Learning through computer is called Computer Aided Learning (CAL). CAL may be used in schools, colleges and industry. For this purpose various CAL packages are available which includes:
Tutorial packages
Drill and practice packages
Simulation packages
Games packages
Testing packages

Benefits of CAL (Computer Aided Learning):
Through CAL, a user can know how to use software or how to teach.

Through drill and practise packages of CAL a user can get training in certain fields.

Games packages of CAL are used to know how to play games.

Question 4 Answer.
Usefulness of computer for disabled people:
Computers and computer based equipmentshave improved the life style of disabled people. They enabled them to communicate, talk, listen teach and translate. In this way the computers and computer based equipments ncrease the oppertunities of idependance and employeement for disabled people.
Some of the equipments based on computer are as under:
Voice synthesizer

Voice synthesizer: Voice synthesizer is a computer based equipment specially designed for dumb and deaf people. It enables dumb and deaf people to speak and listen.

Optacon: Optacon is a computer based equipment designed for blind people. It enables blind and visually impaired people to read written text or symbols. Optacon is portable reading equipment which converts printed text or symbols into a tactile and vibration form that can be felt with ones fingers.

Touch-Talker: Some computer based equipments such as Touch-Talker are available for people who have limited body movements. It may be the limited movements of head, The brow wrinkle or the raising of a finger or knee.
these device improve the life of such peoples.

Question 5 Answer.
Characteristic of computer:
High speed
High accuracy and reliabilty
Huge storage capacity

High speed: Computer is a very fast machine. It operates in nano seconds (10 raise to power -9) or pico seconds (10 raise to power -12). This fast speed made a computer a part of every field.

High accuracy and reliabilty: Computer is a very high accurate machine. It performs accurate operations and produce accurate results. Therefore it’s results are more reliable.

Huge storage capacity: Computer can store a huge amount of data.

Versatility: Computer is a flexible or versatile machine. IT can be used in every field of life to perform a variety of tasks. No other machine can be so much flexible.

Automation: Computer performs its operation automatically till the end of a task. It does not requests for further humun instructions during its operations.

Deligence: Computer never shows any signs of tiredness and lack of interest during its operations. Its initial speed and accuracy will always be equal to its final speed and accuracy. IT also never gets bored by repeating the same opeariton or task again and again.

Obedient: Computer is an obedient machine. It performs it task without any excuse, delay or pretention. On the other hand a humun cant work so fairly.

Continuity: A computer performs its operations continously. It does not request for any break or leave.

Computer full notes of class 11 chapter 4 short and long questions end.
chapter 3 is here or jump to chapter 5 .

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