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English full notes of class 11 chapter 1

English full notes of class 11



English full notes of class 11 chapter 1

New Vocabulary

Abreast of (adj) : alongside each other; facing in the same direction (also up to date; fully conversant with).

Amusedly (adv) : with amusement; entertainingly.

Beneath (adj) : belwoesp. if covered, protected or obscured by; underneath.

Brink (n) : the edge, border or verge of a steep place, such as a precipice.

Cackle (n) : to squawk in shrill, broken notes (of a ten after laying an egg)

Chasm (n) : a deep cleft in the ground; abyss, gorge, ravine.

Mackerel (n) : a spiny-finned food fish.

Monstrous (adj) : enormous, great, immense.

Plaintively (adv) : expressing sadness, melancholy; mournfully.

Plunge (n) (v) : to throw or thrust; to leap or drive into.

English full notes of class 11 chapter 1 new vocabulary end.

Chapter 1 ‘His First Flight’ Summary

In this story the writer tells us about the first flight of young seafull. He was alone on his ledge. His two brothers and one little sister, whose wings were far shorter than his, had flown away. But he had a phobia about flying. He had watched his parents flying about with his brothers and sister, perfecting them in the art of flying. His parents was much worried about him. He felt hungry. He searched for food everywhere but failed to find anything to eat.
He tried to attract their attention but all of them, except his mother, ignored him. She tore at a piece of fish that lay at her feet. The sight of the food maddened him. He love to tear food that way. He kept calling her plaintively. She picked up a piece of fish and flew to him with it. he leaned out eagerly. But when she was just opposite to him, she halted, her legs hanging and wings motionless, the piece of fish within reach of his beak. He waited a downwards. His mother had swooped upwards. A monstrous terror outwards. He mother had swooped upwards. A monstrous terror seized him. But it only lasted a moment. He felt his wings spread outwards. He could feel the tips of his wings cutting through the air. He flapped his wings and soared upwards. He uttered a joyous scream and tried to follow his mother. He felt safe in his flight and joined his family members. He was near the sea now. Around him his family was creaming, praising him, an their breaks were offering him scraps of dogfish.

English full notes of class 11 chapter 1 Summary end.

Study Questions.

Question 1 Answer: The young seagull is afraid of flying over the great expanse of sea. He feels certain that his wings will never support him in remaining in the air and he will fall down to the sea.

Question 2 Answer: they don’t give him food because they want to force him to fly in search of food for himself.

Question 3 Answer: His mother took a piece of fish and fly towards him. When she became just opposite to him he didn’t come closer to him, then maddened of food make him to dive at fish. Thus in this way the mother do a great trick with him and forced him to fly and searched food for himself.

Question 4 Answer: Finally when he flaps his wings and find that he is not drowning he utter a joyous scream and when he became excited he raises his breast and flaps his wings again and again more faster and bank against the wind.

Question 5 Answer: A = True , B = True, C = False, D = False .

Question 6 Answer: Hunger and motivation by the parents are the two significant things about the bird’s first flight.
English full notes of class 11 chapter 1 Study questions end.

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