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English full notes of class 11 chapter 2

English full notes of class 11

English full notes of class 11 chapter 2 “First Year at Horrow”.

New Vocabulary

Inhospitable (adj) : not hospitable; unwelcoming; unfriendly.

Trial (n) : test, examination.

Partial (adj) : befond of, be keen on, have a liking for; biased, prejudiced.

Will (n) : choice, decision, volition.

To suggest (v) : put forward, purpose, advance, come up with.

Treatment (n) : conduct, dealing, handling, manipulation.

Discernment (n) : keen perception of judgment.

Reflection (n) : Careful thought or consideration.

Incidentally (adv) : accidentally, by chance.

Spectacle (n) : scene, dispaly or phenomenon, usually, strange or interesting.

English full notes of class 11 chapter 2 New vocabulary end.

Study Questions.

Question 1 Answer: Sir winston Churchill was hardly twelve years of age when he entered “the inhospitable regions of examinations”.

Question 2 Answer: History, poetry and essay-writing were dearest to Churchill. on the other hand, Latin and Mathematics were fancied by the examiners.

Question 3 Answer: Churchill found himself unable to answer even a single question in the Latin paper. He had written “question” within brackets on the answer sheet. He was playing with pen and inkpot absent mindedly. As a result answer sheet was spoiled. Mr. Welldon thought it was incidently spoiled and awarded him pass marks.

Question 4 Answer: Since the names were printed in the school list in alphabetical order, his correct name being Spencer Churchill, appeared third from the bottom.

Question 5 Answer: Mr Somerwell had his own system of teaching English. He took a fairly long sentence and broke it up into its components by means of different colors each component will have its own color. It was a kind of drill which they did almost daily and also Mr Somerwell the best teacher gives a lot of homework for practise.

Question 6 Answer: I agree with Churchill. Here I describe my own experience with examiners and examination. When I was an S.S.C student, I had learnt all the questions given at the end of each lesson. the examiner did not set paper from those question, he framed new questions. Like most of the students I was also confused. Nearly on hour was wasted in thinking. As a result I could not solve the full paper and failed to get high marks.

Question 7 Answer: I agree with author because if the examiner asks the questions which every candidate knows there is no point in examining them. All the examiners will get nearly equal marks. Question of merit will not arise. that is why the examiner asks such questions that he thinks will acquire some intelligence and study. The hard-working and the lazy can only be differentiated in this way.

Question 8 Answer: Churchill ironically passes this judgement about Mr. Welldon’s decision. He wants to say that teachers do not evaluate the answer-sheets carefully and correctly. Their standard of marking is not good. Sometimes intelligent and brilliant students get low marks while duffers are awarded high marks. But their marking cannot be challenged in any court of law.

Question 9 Answer: The author considered his situation at Horrow as upretentious because he was placed at the bottom of the list. He was considered to be a poor student because he was not good at Mathematics and he did not like Latin. He liked English, history, poetry and essay-writing, While the teachers and the principals were in favour of Latin. because of this reason his mental calibre was considered to be at the lowest.

Question 10 Answer: They were not allowed to learn Latin and Greek because the teachers thought them not capable of learning these languages. They were considered dullards and only very brilliant students could learn them because they were difficult to learn. While English was quite easy to learn because it was their mother tongue. there is no doubt about it that mother tongue is easy to learn.

English full notes of class 11 chapter 2 Study questions end.

Looking for chapter 1 ? Or go the next chapter 3 .

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