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English full notes of class 11 chapter 3

English full notes of class 11

English full notes of class 11 chapter 3

Study Questions (it’s Country for Me)

Questions 1 Answer: Joel feel well and good about getting out from bet at 11:15 pm to feed the lamb. I can tell this in the light of simple thinking that if he had taken it ill, he would have grumbled and complained. He would not have immediately got read to feed the lamb.

Questions 2 Answer: The Hollands form is near Scales Mound. It comprises of 245 acre of land. James Holland, an Irish immigrant, boughtit in 1860. Now the land is ploughed with the help of a tractor. Its soil is rich and black.

Questions 3 Answer: Joel plays the role of adult by doing daily chores that help to run the farm and support the fmaily. He wears boots everydaybecause he does chores every night and for several hours on weekends.
Questions 4 Answer: Yes, Joel agree with his brother about the awards of a farming life.

Questions 5 Answer: A farmer must have the following skills to run a farm like the Hollands. He has to be a machine operator, driving immense and powerful vehicles. He has to be a mechanic repairing them. He has to be a husbandman, raising livestock. He has to be a veterinarian, an agriculturist and a businessman.

Questions 6 Answer: I think his choice is a good one. A country life is better than a city life because farming is an idependent profession. It is free form pollution. Usually farmers enjoy good health. They can pluck fresh vegetables and fruits from their fields and gardens. But, for enjoying this blessing, you must be a landlord.

Questions 7 Answer: The main idea of the story is that you can earn enough and enjoy life whatever your profession be, provided you work hard and devote yourself to your profession.

English full notes of class 11 chapter 3 Study Questions (it’s Country for Me) End.

Also read out chapter 2 or jump to chapter 4 .

Study Questions (Our Environment)

Questions 1 Answer: Man started corrupting the environment because resources seemed unlimited, the air was fresh and clean, and rivers and oceans were seen as elements to be harnessed for power and used to dispose of waste.

Questions 2 Answer: The author says environment is now a social problem because of recent huge increase in air, water and land pollution. The world we live in faces problems of health and welfare for a large portion of the population of the world. A dirty lake or river not only affects those who live near it, but it also affects the entire ecosphere.

Questions 3 Answer: An ecosystem is a system involving the interaction between a community and its environment. It has been shown that each living thngs plasy a part in this echossytem. There is a food chain, in which organisms that produce their own food by using energy from the sun (green plants) are eaten by small animals, which in turn eaten by large animals. The food Technology is enclosed by bacteria and fungi, which decompose the wastes and eventually the dead bodies of all living things, returning useful nutrient for the use of orignal producers or plants. Thus nature keeps the ecosystem balanced.

Questions 4 Answer: An alteration in one part of the ecosystem impacts other parts of the echosystem because it can bring harm to humun and animal life.

Questions 5 Answer: The question before the society, based on our new and growing perception of the effects of humun pollution of the environment, is both elementary and monumental. Will we pay for the clean-up of rivers, occeans, the landscape and the air? How will we pay? Can we simply pay cash, or must we give up some of our taken for granted machines and luxuries?.

English full notes of class 11 chapter 3 Study Questions (Our Environment) End.

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