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English full notes of class 11 chapter 5

English full notes of class 11

English full notes of class 11 chapter 5

Study Questions (The Scholarship Jacket)

Question 1 Answer: The small Texas School, which Marta Salinos attended, carried out a tradition of awarding every year a beautiful gold and green jacket, the school colors, to the student who had maintained highest grades for eight years.

Question 2 Answer: Marta expected that she would win the scholarship jacket that year because she was fourteen and in the eighth grade. She had been a straight A since the first grade, and that year she had looked forward to owning that jacket.

Question 3 Answer: Marta could not take part in sports at school because was registration fees, uniform fees and trips out of town; for which she could not pay.

Question 4 Answer: When Marta reached the classroom to pick her shorts, Mr. Schmdth, her history teacher and Mr. Boone, her maths teacher were angrily arguing about awarding the scholarship jacket to her or joann.

Question 5 Answer: It was Mr. Schmidth who refused to lie or falsify Marta’s academic record because she had a straight A+ average ; while joann’s record was not so good and consistant.

Question 6 Answer: The change in policy regarding the award of the scholarship jacket was that the Board had decided to charge fifteen dollars from the receiver of the scholarship jacket.

Question 7 Answer: When Marta told her grandfather about payement to be made for the jacket, he said the she should tell her principal that she had earned it by having the highest grades for eight years. And if she had to pay for it , then it was not a scholarship jacket.

Question 8 Answer: When Marta told the principal what her grandfather had said, he sighed loudly, and went back to his big desk. He looked at her, biting his lips, as if thinking. Then he said that he would make an exception in her case and he would tell the Boared that she should get her jacket.

English full notes of class 11 chapter 5 Study Questions (The Scholarship Jacket) End here.

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Study Questions (A Long Walk Home)

Question 1 Answer: Jason readily agreed to drive his father’s car to Mijas because he had jsut learn to drive and hardly ever had the opportunity to use the car.

Question 2 Answer: Jason invented the excuse that the car need some major repairs and that they had taken longer than had been expected.

Question 3 Answer: His father said that he was angry with himself, not with jason because he realised that he had failed as a father if after those years his son felt that he ahd to lie to him.

Question 4 Answer: Jason’s father decided to walk the 18 miles back home because he wanted to punish himself for failing to bring up a son who could not tell the truth to his own father.

Question 5 Answer: His protests, his apologies and the rest of his utterances were useless. He had let his father down. He never seen before his father too much in pain like this before. He were felling ashamed on what he is down.

Question 6 Answer: No, Jason’s father was not angry with him because he came late. He was angry with for his lying.

Question 7 Answer: In my opinion of the way, Jason’s father responded to his son’s lying to him, is extremely effective. He must have highly repented and felt sorry for his lying.

Question 8 Answer: I think besides learning not to lie, jason learnt not to waste his time in stupid recreations, being punctual and keeping the promise.

English full notes of class 11 chapter 5 Study Questions (A Long Walk Home) End.

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