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Get Optimum Ad Position Search Marketing Optimization

Get Optimum Ad Position Search Marketing Optimization

Search marketing is all about optimizing the right elements to get the maximum amount of money in your pocket. Have a good ad position is very important and you can set some variables to get there. Here’s how you can get the optimal ad position.

Ad Rank = Click Through Rate x Quality Score x Offer Price

Take a good look this formula, that’s how everything works. What you are about to read below is based on this formula. The idea here is to get the highest position of advertisements while paying the lowest possible cost per click. This will help you get more benefits.

Click Through Rate Optimization

The key to getting more clicks is writing ads that are highly relevant and specific to their browsers. Otherwise, why would they want to click on your ads and go to their web site or landing page.

Another way to get more clicks is add the keyword in your ad, especially in the title so that it becomes bold. Bold text is striking, so you get more clicks.

Quality Score Optimization

You get a high quality score will ensure that your offerings are kept low. This is the page optimization. Place the keywords in the page title, page description, meta keywords, H1 tags, H2 tags and naturally placed around the page.

Remember to add business pages such as contact and privacy policy. If you have time, also create a page and warning page. Place these links in the footer of your page. It will also help you look more credible in the eyes of search engines and web visitors.


Look again at the formula. Simply improving your CTR and quality, the price of the offer should not be too high for you to get a higher ad position.

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