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Girl Talking

Girl Talking : It was my fault! Well
Stage Direction : Begins fiddling
Girl Talking: I am not too sure : I mean I do remember what happened. I have a very big guilty conscience now…I mean I remember that night so well, it can be quite scary. I mean Well I    Well she        ermmm, I didn’t mean to harm her anyway
Stage Direction: Begins crying
Girl Talking: Why could I be so feeble, so selfish, I put my issues in front, I never usually do   Why couldn’t I listen to Sophie? 4 once, I mean my burden isn’t that big hers was and I made it worse.
Stage Direction: Stops crying nd fiddling begins pacing
Girl Talking: Arghhh, I am so self-centred, why couldn’t I die? Sophie was perfect in every way, she had the smarts, the looks oh nd that smile
Stage Direction: Stops pacing, begins daydreaming
Girl Talking: ahhh, everything was perfect but like usual I ruined it all
Stage Direction: Croaks up and begins crying
Girl Talking: She was, just perfect, I ruined her life, her and everything surrounding her, I stopped her, I strangled her with my evil conniving words. But that call…I mean, I felt nerves and guilt…I contemplated whose fault it actually was, I mean whose fault was it? That call at 2am, my mum telling me those words: “Emily, Sophie’s dead”. I wanted to scream and punch her but at the same time reverse everything I said. I just wanted it to end, my life not hers. I didn’t mean anything I said, she isn’t ugly, she’s beautiful, I just got angry, annoyed like best friends do. Sophie was my best friend, I loved her like a friend, she committed suicide nd it was my fault, why?
Stage Direction: Crash to floor crying

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