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How To Add Background Image In Blogger

How To Add Background Image In Blogger

Find the background that you want to use. Save it on your computer.

Upload the background to an image hosting site. A good one to use is tinypic.com. The reason it is good is that it requires no registration, so it is really fast.

Once you’ve uploaded the image to tinypic.com, you’ll get a screen that says “Share This Image”. Copy the code under “Direct Link for Layouts”, marked below:

How To Add Background Image In Blogger

Go to your Blogger dashboard, and click on Design >> Edit HTML. Download a backup of your template. This is very important, if you make a mistake, you can just upload the saved backup of your template.

Edit the code of your Blogger Template. It is really simple, even for complete beginners. In your browser, hit CTRL and “F” to open up a “find” utility.

Below is a screenshot of the “find” function in Google Chrome:

How To Add Background Image In Blogger

Paste this text in the search bar that you’ve just opened body{ and hit ENTER.

The browser will locate and highlight the place in your template that has “body{“, as shown below.

How To Add Background Image In Blogger

Now just under this highighted “body{” bit of code, insert this line:

background-image:url(put the copied code from tinypic here)

Save your template, and you’ve done. Now open a new tab in your browser and check out your blog.


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