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How To Increase Battery Life Of Laptop Dell Hp Sony Acer

How To Increase Battery Life Of Laptop Dell Hp Sony Acer

Boost Your Laptop Battery Life :

Especially when it comes to using the laptop battery, I believe that users of identical laptops have the same problem of consumption of fast battery (included). I rode around lately and I have to write this post to share with those who could be the same problem like me and especially how to overcome it.

Things To Consider To Maximize Battery Life :

1) Regular Defragmentation.

Example: When you go to a library, the book you’re looking for is a little faster if available from A to Z alphabetically and in their numbering code system. This saves time and energy to find the book.

The same principle applies to the laptop. Regular defragmentation process will result in less time and energy (battery usage) used by the portable system. This eventually leads to the battery life.

2) Low Contrast – Make brightness level low of your laptop so the battery consumption will be less by your laptop LCD.

3) Use only if the necessary programs – Tend to use the programs and open files that sometimes you may not need to access very often. Stop or run programs and applications like Messenger and Skype if not used at the time. Most of the Quick Start programs that appear at the bottom right of the screen are the basic services that can run on battery use. Multitasking programs may lead to rapid consumption of the battery usage.

4) Limit the use of external devices – USB sticks, portable hard drives and connected to USB / 1394 / Firewire ports handle portable battery power devices. Less use of these devices means saving the battery power of your laptop.

5) Put more physical RAM – By increasing the RAM, you can save CPU usage and thus save battery power. Some will say the fact to an increase in RAM will result in more battery power is transferred to the RAM. Well, again, I think the extra RAM, applications will be faster and virtual memory is normally used by the CPU will have less battery power and avoid having symptoms like “rigging system” also introduced much frustration user and using the power of the battery.

6) Run the hard drives – Try to create a virtual training program like Nero, PowerISO or Alcohol 120%. By running these programs on a virtual platform, minimizing the use of optical drives, such as CD or DVD with a lot of battery power.

7) Battery Maintenance – Keep the range clean the battery contacts. Wipe the contacts with alcohol after 2-3 months of use. This will allow the flow of battery power by the effective buffer. Remember to use a laptop battery at least once every 2-3 weeks. This should improve the Li-Ion discharge effects components. Staying healthy for loading and unloading at most once every 2-3 weeks.

8) Standby – Hibernation is much more advisable before. Who is it? Hibernation saves the configuration of laptops from where you left off and completely stop a laptop thereafter. You can continue working with the press of the power button “On / Off”.

9) Middle cooler environment – all know that the temperature is an important factor PC, especially when it comes to the laptop. With a cooler environment, the cold air will make your laptop run more efficiently. That’s why most established Internet cafes these days have air conditioning.

10) Power Options Tweak – The control panel provides options for you to change the power settings. Thank you to the power settings in the Control Panel, select the “laptop battery” or “low power” mode to reduce power consumption.

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