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How to make pc faster using commands regedit

This tutorial is based on registry edit and using some commands to make your pc super fast. After some time registry grows in size which effect the computer performance. Trial version or some other third party registry cleaners have not so power to clean your all registries. But don’t worry this can be done easily without a registry cleaners softwares. So let starts the registry editing follow carefully if you delete or edit registry wrongly it may damaged your system so be careful.

1. Opening the windows registry editor.
• Press windows + R run will be open. (You can also open run from start menu).
• Now type “regedit” and hit enter or click on ok.

How to make pc faster using commands regedit

2. Back up registry (Do it first).
Before going to edit registry backup is very important. If registry editing badly impact on your system or installed programs you can recover original values easily. Now how you can backup your registry? There is two ways one is by using registry backup software which is free called ERUNT (Emergency Recovery Utility NT). This softwares is compatible with windows xp, vista and windows 7 (32bit + 64bit). Second method is the below which is very handy and it will save your time.

In menu bar click on “File” and than select “Export”.

How to make pc faster using commands regedit

Mark “All” below the Export range.

How to make pc faster using commands regedit

Now choose backup destination where you want to keep it and enter name for

How to make pc faster using commands regedit

Now hit enter or click on “Save”

How to make pc faster using commands regedit

Note: To undo changes go the destination registry backup file and double click on it. It will restore the original values (It will not restore that values which you added by your side).

3. As shown in picture on the left these are the entire registry folders and on
the right hand side you will see it’s individuals values.

How to make pc faster using commands regedit

4. Now you have to remove those softwares which you have already unistalled.

Double click on “HKEY_CURRENT_USER to expand it (Used double click on
that folder for expansion or the left + symbol).

How to make pc faster using commands regedit

Double click on “software”.

How to make pc faster using commands regedit

Now you have to look for either application name or application developers name.

How to make pc faster using commands regedit

Now single click on application for highlight.

How to make pc faster using commands regedit


In your keyboared press “del” button.

5. Find more softwares which you uninstalled, used “ctrl + f” and search the
application by it’s name, developer name (company name) and delete.

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Now it’s time of 5 major registry hacks to make your computer faster.

Note: Changes will takes effect when you log off and than log on.

Hack for aero peek speed up.
Aero peek of Windows 7 let you see the desktop whenever your cursor is over the “show desktop” button at the end of the taskbar. Aero peek preview standard delay time is five hundreds (500) milliseconds. Steps to speed it up:

A. I am sure you have already open your registry editor if not than open it. Double click on “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” than Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, Explorer and now single click on Advanced.

B. Now right-click in the right panel of editor and click on DWORD (32-bit).

C. Name the DWORD “DesktopLivePreviewHoverTime”.

D. DesktopLivePreviewHover double click on it. Menu will appear under bottom click “decimal” and now you have to enter the delay time (milliseconds) in the field of “Value data”. Set it values according to your needs you can increase and decrease it value by increasing it’s value it will appear after long time. Or you can more decrease it value it’s all upon you.

Hack for preview taskbar icons more faster.
In both windows vista and 7 whenever you roll over taskbar icons a small previews appears. For these previews the standard time delay is four hundreds (400) milliseconds. You can adjust the value for it easily by this simple
registry hack.

A.Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer
/Advanced in last single click on Advanced.

B. Now right-click in the right panel of editor and click on DWORD (32-bit).

C. Name the DWORD “ExtendedUIHoverTime”.

D. ExtendedUIHoverTime double click on it. Manu will appear in the bottom select decimal and than put value in the field of “Value data” after putting the value click ok.

Hack for menus speed.
Some times the menus appear speed becomes slows down. When you right click etc the menu takes time to appear and the system becomes little bit hang and slow down. To speed up the menus used this simple registry hack.

A. Double click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel and now single click on

B. In the right panel look for “MenuShowDelay” and double click on it. the default value for this is four hundreds (400) milliseconds. Change it to “0” only and click on ok. My self I used the value “0” and it’s work perfect so I recommend you too used the “0” value for best performance.

Hack for disable annoying pop-up notification balloons.
If pop-up notification balloons in windows vista or win 7 is annoying for you, easily disable it by this simple registry hack.

A.Navigate to
/Advanced in last single click on Advanced

B. In the right panel of registry editor right call and select DWORD (32-bit) value. Name it “EnableBalloonTips”.

C. “EnableBalloonTips” double click on it. Set it value zero “0”. Now in thiscase it doesn’t matter if you selected decimal or hexadecimal because zero is zero in both.

D. Now log off and than login back for changes to takes effects. Now you will never see the annoying notification balloons for ever. (Log off and than Login back is necessary for all hacks to make changes).

Commands to fast the computer performance.
“Prefetch” and “%temp% these both are the most known and old commands. You can used these both commands when you fell that your computer system performance is slow down and now it is hanging little bit than you used these commands. It helps little bit to make computer performance faster. Now how you can used these both commands follow the steps:

A. Open “Run” (press windows + R shortcut key).

B. Type “Prefetch” and hit enter.

C. Delete all folders and files it contains virus. If some files are not deleting
than leave it.

Repeat the same procedure for “%temp% command, these are the temporary folders and files which effect pc performance delete all.

Uninstalled all useless programs from your computer system.
Keep windows updated.
Installed Anti-virus, download from trusted (official) website of that anti virus which you are going to install. Unfortunately the best anti viruses like avast, nod etc came in trial version after that you have to purchased it.
Do not download anti-virus in search of crack version of it from third part web sites. They are full of virus and third party ads which will effect your browser browsing speed.

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