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How To Make Professional Music Video At Home

How To Make Professional Music Video At Home

Professional Music Video At Home : 

Today, many of you will run surf the Web in fraudulent clips that get millions of hits. Unfortunately, more than half of those who received Ten Lakhs views lost the chance to win Twenty Thousands Dollors or more simply to transfer to YouTube. Why is this so? I’ll let you know at the end of this article. Will we return to the question?

For those who think it is impossible to make a high quality video of the house, like those you see on the music television, I’m here to tell you that you can do even better videos. You may not be able to create so good on the first try, but again who is? Perfection is necessary; 5 following these steps:

Step 1: Music

Of course, a clip is not a music video without music. Find an instrumental you want to create a song and download it. I recommend a good program would be instrumental to download FrostWire. You can download the frostwire.com. It is completely free to download and use. Or so it was the last time I came. Be careful when downloading from Frostwire though. The first two or three files are usually in high hardware, but can be easily distinguished. False usually coincides with your search phrase for word, letter for letter word, and are small. Also check the file size to the right of each result. Instrumentals and songs are generally an average size of 1000 KB file per minute of a song. So if you are looking for an instrumental is about three minutes, the file size should be around 3,000 Kb. False at the top, they are usually a small file size, around 10-30 kb.

I used to use Frostwire until I started creating my own music with music production software. If you want to make money with YouTube, I suggest you do your own instrumentals like me. Anyone can learn to make a simple phone. Some good music production software I recommend using the PC would be Fruity Loops Studio. The latest version is FL Studio 9, but FL Studio 5, 6, 7 and 8 are also good. If you want to pay for it, you can buy at your local computer store or online at flstudio.com, but if you want for free, I suggest you use Frostwire because they can also download programs as well. For Mac users, your computer should have come with the music production software called GarageBand. For me, GarageBand instruments sound more professional than Fruity Loops. Both programs have user manuals are available in the Help menu and Garageband has a tutorial for beginners. For more tutorials, I suggest that you search YouTube for Fruity Loops Beginner Tutorials or Garageband beginner tutorials.

Other Music Production includes PC software Reason, Sonar, and Nuendo. Another Mac music production software is Logic Pro. The music industry is mainly specialized software called Protools. It is compatible with PCs and Macs, but the software is generally suited for the studio. If you decide to use Protools at all, I recommend you buy rather than download it for many reasons. Trust me on this one.

Step 2: Words

Of course, the clips are not always words, but if you choose, make sure you write lyrics to the instrumental and keep them for studio recording, which we will return later. (Lyrical Tip: Keep your words quite clean and can be funny or comical Trademark, and he can get more coins Ex search for “White and Nerdy” on YouTube !!).

Step 3: Home Studio (Session) Register

The best software to record entries in the studio session is Cool Edit Pro. Cool Edit Pro is compatible only good PC. I taught through experimentation, but for tutorials, I’m sure you can find on YouTube. There is also a manual in the Help menu. You can also download free with Cool Edit Pro FrostWire. For Mac users, once again, congratulations! You can register using Garageband! To do this, once you’ve finished creating your instrumental on Garageband, click above to follow> New Track> Real Instrument> Create. You will notice on the left a track for recording appears that is titled “No Effects”. If you have a microphone connected, try to talk to him. The green bar next to “No effect” should increase each time he speaks. Otherwise, check System Preferences and go to his microphone / integrated internal microphone. Most Mac laptops have a microphone. Most of them are on the left to the speaker at the bottom right, but only on laptops. Notebook PC, the microphone is located on the top of the screen in the middle, left or right.

For more advanced users, session recordings can be made with Protools. You can buy microphones, but not expensive, it is generally not good recording microphones at all. If you have a microphone, you’re in luck; because believe it or not, it is better than most microphones under $ 50 Be sure to adjust the volume of each record you made accordingly, regardless of the microphone you use. You can make a bad mic sound much better than does the changing volumes.

P.S Tip: How to Autotune

Unfortunately, I know what to do with the Autotune users and Fruity Loops GarageBand users. For Florida’s users, you need to download a plug-in called Antares and drag on Fruity Loops. As for the Mac and GarageBand ….. you are very lucky. GarageBand comes with an integrated setting. To use the click track Up> New Track> Real Instrument> Create. If your audio region in the background is not visible at the top, click Control> Show Editor, or just press Command + E. Turn the “Enhance Tuning” in the audio all the way up area. Then look just below this switch, and select the “Limit to key” box.

Step 4: Save Video

To record the video, you’ll need a decent quality camera. But just because you have a decent quality camera alone does not mean that the video will be. It’s all about putting together. Regarding quality goes, I recommend the Jazz Elite HD portable camera to start. It is a $ 500 camera in high definition, but you can get it for only $ 240 to electrotech.totalwarehouse.com. I have yet to find a cheaper HD video online, but if I do, I will know. Also, looking at obtaining assistance with tripod stabilization. You can find Wal-Mart for fairly low prices.

Also, if you try to make money on YouTube, make sure you keep logos and other securities of the company products in the video as possible. YouTube can avoid making money from almost any logo shown publicly in your video. This also includes the logos on shirts, so make sure all the clothes you choose to wear for the video, which the emblems or logos of your shirt producers are not visible.

Step 5: Put together video

Note: For Windows 7, 8,8.1 and 10 users will have downlaod movie maker from official website click here to visit the page.

Connect the camera to the computer and make all your video clips in a folder. PC video production beginners, they recommend using Windows Movie Maker. It comes with all Windows computers. If not found, just click Start (or icon for Windows Vista users) on the lower left corner of the screen. Go to Programs> Accessories> Windows Movie Maker or Programs> Accessories> Entertainment> Windows Movie Maker. If not in one of these locations, select My Computer, open Local Disk (usually C :), and go to the Program Files folder. Look for a folder called Windows Movie Maker and look for the icon of the house. For Mac users, iMovie is. Video clips can be dragged or imported into these programs to use. If your PC or Mac from Adobe Collection, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro, which is compatible with both computers. Adobe After Effects is a more advanced use of software for special effects, but you can easily learn through 10 short tutorials for videocopilot.net. A video editor is much more advanced Final Cut Pro for Mac users, used by real industry film producers.

There are video tutorials for all these programs on YouTube, but, in my opinion, Windows Movie Maker is ridiculously easy to use; but Adobe Premiere has more tools and effects that you can do for your video. Adobe Premiere also the entrance to the green screen that Movie Maker does not.

Be sure to make the video in too high a quality framework. “Rendering” simply means to record video to the video format. The better the quality, the longer it may take to complete the recording of the video, but can be worth it. If you have the Jazz Elite HD portable camera, you may not have to worry about the quality of both.

Additional step: Making money with YouTube

To make money, just reach over 200,000 views with the video. YouTube send you instructions on how to configure and review the video to ensure there is no violation of copyright.

But as for general music videos, I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse. The quality of the end product comes down to how to use these tools to measure their creative abilities. Show laziness in production, and lazy is like the final product seems to be.

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