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How To Make Your Computer A Wifi Hotspot

How To Make Your Computer A Wifi Hotspot

Make Computer Wifi Hotspot :

First, we must understand what a Wi-Fi hotspot. Well, it simply means that the team will act as a wireless router. Other users can not access the Internet from their mobile devices using your Internet connection. You can password protect their networks and provide access only to a select group of people. They can share data with each other or share the Internet connection.

To create a wireless access point, you basically need a laptop or PC and a Wi-Fi router. You can use operating systems such as Windows Vista or Windows 7. Typically, routers have a range of 90 meters. The wireless link can be used as a local network to share files or can be used to share the Internet bandwidth with other wireless devices. I can be useful if you want to leave your friends to access your broadband connection from their laptops, iPhone and Android powered phones or Tablet PC.

What Are The Requirements Of Your Team?

To make your computer as a wireless access point, all you need is a driver utility called virtual port adapter mini Wi-Fi Microsoft. This is a default Microsoft for any new installation of Windows Vista or later version of this controller. Automatically installed on your computer to install the Windows operating system. The settings are explained below to make your Wi-Fi as an access point.

How To Do:

We will not look at the settings that have to do, but make sure you have all the above services. First, you will need to open the command prompt. Just click on the Run and type “cmd” command to open the command prompt. The command window must be opened to run as administrator.

Now it is just two steps to make your computer as a Wi-Fi hotspot. The first stage of network configuration is to create the network name and password. The second step is to start the hosted network. To do this, simply type the following command at the command prompt.

– Netsh WLAN mode that allows hostednetwork = SSID = “SSID name here” key
= “give the password here”

– Press ENTER

– Netsh WLAN start hostednetwork

– Press ENTER

– The hosted network will start in the team

Now the network is shown with the name given to the SSID. For any user connected to the network, you must change your Wi-Fi. Then it will be able to see the created network. To be able to connect to the network, you must click on the network and enter the password to connect two computers. In next few seconds to connect to the network and use your Internet bandwidth.

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