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How to use trial version software forever without expiration

How to use trial version software forever without expiration

Best 5 ways of how to use trial version software forever without expiration

By these 5 ways you can easily used trial version software forever without expiration. This is very useful tips, without buying the software you can used the particular software forever. You know that some softwares comes in trial version some have 3 days trial version and some have 30 days trial version. After that you can’t used it. If you want to used it after trial version than you will have to pay for it to activate it. But why you will pay for it? Here is the free softwares by which you can easily make any software trial version to used it forever.

Trial version softwares, when we install it. During installation it create a complete record in our registry about example time, date. From the installation time and date it starts counting and whenever a specific time date set for it reached it stops working. Than it told you to buy the software to start using it again.

A. Run As Date
What Run As Date does? It enable you to run that specific software in the time and date you gives to it. Run As Date doesn’t changed the time and date of your computer system. It make changes in the time and date records of the desired software.

Open “Run As Date” program.
Click on browse button and locate to that destination where you install the software and than select that icon by whom you click to open that software.
Choose time and date (Included in the time period of the trial version).
Recommended: Used that time and date on which you install the software.
Create a desktop shortcut.

Note: It’s works in windows xp, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Download “Run As Date” For 32 bit operating system.
Download “Run As Date” For 64 bit Operating system.

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B. Time stopper
Time stopper is the another trial version software. What it does? It stop the time, If trial version software is already ended, So this software will be not full fil your need now because it can’t reverse the time and date. To used the Time Stopper is quiet simple just follow the given instructions.

Open Time Stopper program
Click on browse and than go to that destination where you install your software and select the .exe file by which you open program.
Create a desktop shortcut.
Always used the desktop created shortcut otherwise the trial will end instantly.

C. Reset date and time
First change the time and date to future time and date.
Now install your desired trial version software.
After installation of software reset the date and time.
Used your software forever.

D. Backup your registry
Don’t used this method keep it alternative. This is little bit risky if your backup registry software not work properly or some other issue arrived than you will have to re install your windows.

Backup your registry with registry backup software before installation of trial version software.
Now when the software is about to end restore your registry.

E. Uninstaller
Download any uninstaller example absolute, revo and total uninstaller etc.
Uninstall the trail version software with this uninstaller.
It will remove time and date entries of software in registry.
Now Re install your trail version software.
Enjoy it now forever.

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