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I begged Jackie Paper

Beggars of California 

With their tattoos and their piercings, I don’t give money to beggars in California                              Up on the Haight with his honey, not really in need, this beggar of California

At least in New York you get some song nd dance
perhaps the tickle of a tenor sax ?and they’re out in the rain
not just when it’s sunny, like those beggars in California

Near my apartment in Pacific Heights,  know them by name.
It’s funny; frown when they see me: two brothers, one on either side of the street, these yuppie beggars of California

I offered to pay the pawn on Runny Nose’s instruments out of hock, but his sign was a true ploy
Another’s sign: “Sailor needs a ship”; it’s war time!? Beggar of California

I offered one a berth nd a meal of tunny. I still see him, but he begs no more  
I think he’s 0n the dole with a cot. His w0rds were foggy, this beggar of California

I begged Jackie Paper, since the eighth grade: run f0r California
head west young man.Education was free
Was I cunning or just another beggar in California?

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