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Kdcom Dll Error Blue Screen Stop 0x0000000109 Fix This

Kdcom Dll Error Blue Screen Stop 0x0000000109 Fix This

Blue Screen Stop 0x0000000109 :

Kdcom.dll file is a most crucial part of the OS, So the computer to support a numbers of different types applications and files in the current OS. Although the file is an Important part of the computer system, it is not without blemish. We have found that the kdcom.dll file is an integral part of every computer, however it is known that the main cause of problems be if it is damaged or defective. It is also believed that the cause of crashes for many errors and blue screen, which can be fatal have been if not treated immediately, because on when a blue screen error occurs because some components of a program is not limited to the specific processes and inputs by the meeting sent equipment needed for the program to work correctly. The following tutorial will discuss and demonstrate how to resolve the error kdcom.dll.

The reason for the failure is kdcom.dll simply because the system is not to be read or recognize the file that is necessary to maintain the operation of the operating system. If the error in KDCOM affect you receive an error message that appears on the desktop, as follows:

“File \ i386 \ kdcom.dll are not loaded. The error code is 7 Setup can not continue. Press any key to exit”


“Blue Screen Error – missing kdcom.dll”

To correct this error, you need some basic steps to follow to identify the causes of the error and actions to deal problems such as the resettlement program, and install the necessary updates included.

First, you should reinstall any programs that are available on these issues in context. Trying to figure out which programs the error caused, must be clear, because if you try a particular program and one of the two mentioned above are presented below to load errors, you know what the program is causing the error specifically occurs. To reinstall a program, proceed as follows:

Click Start and select Control Panel
Next, select Add / Remove Programs (Programs and Features for Vista and 7 users) Then find the program that caused the error, and click the Uninstall or Remove button. Once the program uninstalled successfully restart your computer. Install the program that caused the error in the first place. You then need to replace the file is safe, so you kdcom.dll damaged the previous file or corrupted. To do this, follow the instructions:

Download kdcom.dll file server
Kdcom.dll decompress on the hard drive of your computer the file
Go to C: \ Windows \ System32
Here you will find the latest kdcom.dll on your system
Rename the current kdcom.dll KDComBACKUP.dll
Copy the new kdcom.dll in C: \ Windows \ System32
Click Start> Run (or if you are using Vista or Win7, you are looking for “run”)
Type “cmd” in the box that appears
Type “regsvr32 odbc32.dll” on the black screen

Finally, it is highly recommended that you scan the registry database computer for abnormalities that can be found in delicate structure. Registration as mentioned above, is a database that stores information in a hierarchical order, so the computer allows so quickly the database and locate a file as possible is required. However, it is possible that many files and settings that are in the registry may be damaged and the structure may registry errors and speed are changed so that the computer to slow down.

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