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Important information about Lahore

lahore chat rooms

The Month (May) in History of Lahore

1571 May 17 After hunting, Akbar arrives in Lahore,and visits Husayn Quli Khan’s new quarters.

1571 May 26 Akbar sets off from Lahore for Hisar.

1586 May 27 Akbar reaches Lahore, having chosen it as his new capital, and selects for his residence the houses of Raja Bhagvant Das.

1588 May 30 Marriage ceremony of Prince Daniyal in house of Maryam Makani in Lahore.
1588 May 30 Lunar weighing ceremony in Lahore.

1594 May ? Huge ship completed on the banks of the Ravi (presumably at Lahore).

1595 May 5 3rd Jesuit mission from Goa reaches Lahore. Xavier stays for 23 years.

1606 May ? Dilavar Khan strengthens Lahore fort in expectation of Khusrau’s attack.

1606 May ? Khusrau attacks fort and besieges it for nine days.

1606 May 8 Jahangir takes up residence in Mirza Kamran’s garden at Lahore.

1606 May 11 Khusrau brought before Jahangir in Mirza Kamran’s garden.

1606 May 17 Jahangir leaves Mirza Kamran’s garden and enters Lahore fort.

1616 May ? Murtaza Khan dies; replaced as governorof Panjab by Ghiyas Beg “I`timadad-Dawla,” father of Nur Jahan.

1632 May 21 Wazir Khan appointed governor of Panjab.

1647 May 29 Qazi Afzal appointed governor of Panjab (BSN II, 681; AS II, 561 & III, 66).

1658 May 29 Dara Shikuh defeated at Samugarh near Agra and flees towards Lahore.

1663 May 1 Aurangzeb sets off from Lahore for Kashmir, the first encampment being in the Dilkusha Garden on the otherside of the Ravi, where a great feast was held (AGN, 815).

1670 May 18 Muhammad Amin Khan relinquishes post as governor of Panjab; replacement not mentioned (MA, 104).

1678 May 9 Qawam ad-Din Khan appointed governor of Lahore (MA, 166).

1707 May 3 Shah `Alam leaves Lahore (ML II, 574?).

1809 May 24 British officer in Lahore leaves account of desolation in the city (Goulding,93).

1899 May ? Secretary of State sanctions Governmentof India proposal (submitted in previous year) to reorganize A.S.I.

The Month (April) in History of Lahore

1578 April ? Akbar has mystical experience whileundertaking a qamargah hunt nearBhera, near the Jhelum.

1589 April 25 Akbar leaves Lahore for Kashmir, spending first night across Ravi in serai of Madhu Singh.

1606 April 16 Prince Khusrau sets off in rebellionfrom Agra towards the Panjab.

1607 April 6 Jahangir leaves Lahore fort with intention of making a hunting tour to Kabul, spending the first four days in the Dil-Amiz Garden on the other side of the Ravi from Lahore.

1607 April 9 Culmination of Sun celebrated in Dil -AmizGarden.

1607 April 10 Camped at Harhar, 3 1/2 kos from Lahore.

1607 April 11 Jahangir arrives at Shaikhupura, “one of my fixed hunting-places.” Mentions minar he had had constructed “inthis neighbourhood” in honour of anantelope, and orders a fort to be constructed in the village. This is presumably the time in A.H.

1015 when Jahangir created a new parganahere and renamed it Jahangirabad(“Chahar Bagh-i Panjab•, 110-11).

1607 April 13 Jahangir camps in pargana of Chandala before moving on towards Kabul.

1615 April 24 Richard Steele and John Crowther arrivein Lahore (“Purchas• V, 267-71).Thomas Coryat visits Lahore (“Purchas• IV,471-72).

1617 April 27 Jahangir grants Ma`mur Khan the architect leave from Mandu “to go to Lahore to complete the buildings there.”

1634 April 5 Shah Jahan camps at the tank of Khwaja Hushiyar in environs of Lahore.

1634 April 6 Shah Jahan rides into Lahore on elephant.

1634 April 8 Wazir Khan presents Shah Jahan gifts collected during his governorship (BSN I, pt.2, 9-10).

1634 April 20 Shah Jahan entertained by Asaf Khan inhis new palaces near Fort, which had taken ten years to complete (BSN I,pt.2, 13; AS II, 8).Shah Jahan orders repair and reconstruction of Lahore Fort while he proceeds to Kashmir. General supervision entrusted to Wazir Khan,with reconstruction of Jahangir’s Shah Burj entrusted to Asaf Khan(AS II, 8) ?? cf. 1631-32 entry.

1634 April 23? Shah Jahan crosses Ravi on his way toKashmir (BSN I, pt.2, 15).

1634 April 24? Asaf Khan presented with robe of honour(presumably in camp/garden on theother side of Ravi (BN I, pt.2, 15).

1646 April 6 Ja`far Khan appointed governor of Panjab(BSN II, 500; AS II, 470).

1657 April 16 `Ali Mardan Khan dies in Kashmir andis buried in Lahore (Latif, 153).

1691 April 21 Khan Jahan Bahadur (father of SipahdarKhan) appointed governor of Panjab (MA, 338).

1748 April ? Mir Mannu “Mu`in al-Mulk” appointedMughal governor of Panjab.

1748 April 27 Muhammad Shah dies in Delhi.

1748 April 29 Ahmad Shah ascends the throne in Delhi.Ahmad Shah Durrani reverses his retreatand marches on Lahore. Mir Mannu forces Ahmad Shah Durrani to return to Kabul have ceded him fourborder districts, but in his absence Sikhs plunder Lahore (Baqir, 178).

1801 April ? Ranjit Singh holds durbar in Lahore,assumes title of “Sarkar” and establishes a mint.
1809 April 25 Ranjit Singh signs treaty with British inAmritsar.

1854 April 8 Montgomery writes to the Secretary to Sir John Lawrence urging action toprevent the destruction of Jahangir’s Tomb and the “Baruhduriat the Bridge of Boats” [i.e.”Kamran’s”] due to a shift in the Ravi’s course (Panjab Archives).

1854 April 19 Montgomery informed of Lawrence’s approval of the expediture of Rs 6,000 to build river spurs & etc.(Panjab Archives).

1899 April ? Lord Curzon visits Lahore.

1906 April 28 A.S.I. made permanent government department.

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