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Long Tail Keywords Vs Short Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords Vs Short Tail Keywords

The key to unlock the most profitable keywords for targeting on your website is in understanding, exploration and exploitation of long tail keywords. The sooner you learn these wonders of traffic and money-spinning, the better. This article will be particularly valuable to you if you work in an industry where competition for the top spot in Google is fierce. Ideally, you want to identify and begin using these long tail keywords before launching your site, but any business or blog online, at any stage of their life cycle, will benefit from the information below. Let’s begin …

Long Tail Keywords What Are They?

Let’s start with an example: Let’s say, I shop online to buy my wife some jewelry. I could start my search by typing the following into Google: jewelry line. Almost immediately, I will be presented with a staggering 288 million almost immediately the results and start to turn heads.

And because I’m not the most patient guy in the world, then you can choose to limit my search. I know my wife loves Mexican jewelry, so I’ll add this extra room in the search field and press Enter. Instantly, I cut 260 million results from the list of candidates.

But this is still not good enough. So I try again. Lisa loves silver jewelry, then add color as well, so: Mexican silver jewelry, and voila – I reduced the number to just over 1 million. Of course there is still a significant number, but the results are now appearing on the first page looks much more useful. So finally I have the confidence to start clicking around. My search for Mexican silver jewelry begins in earnest …

So where do long tail keywords fit in?

To understand the meaning and value that we must change places in the previous example and put ourselves in the shoes of one of the Mexican jewelry retailers that can appear on Google page 1. As the owner of a these higher ranking sites you happy of knowing that a client with such a clear objective and found my site focuses on the product I sell. And if my website and products are satisfactory, a sale is imminent; because the visitor is a tire-kicker or a waste of time. In fact, your portfolio is virtually out of the pocket.

Putting it all together

In the scenario above, here are the main players:

Short tail keywords “online jewelry ‘

Tail short, by definition, the key words are usually short in fairly general and broad to cover a wide range of products or services. Therefore, they enjoy high search volume. So it is understandable competition for these keywords is also extremely high. This makes the job classification and those popular keywords very difficult and very expensive.

Long tail keywords Mexican jewelry “and” Mexican silver jewelry. “

The last example, Mexican silver jewelry would be the logical choice for website owners in this industry operate and shoot. Unlike short tail, this keyword has a narrow view and is directed to a product or a particular service – which characterizes the long tail keyword. And while these keywords have an obvious commercial value, they are not entitled to the same high search volume than their short-tailed counterparts. Which begs the question, what we should aim?

The answer is simple: we must target the long tail keywords. And many of them. Because they can collectively lead some serious numbers on our websites.

And because these long tail keywords underestimated and lower the perceived value less research, competition is less intense. Which means it is much easier and less expensive to rank well for long tail keywords and reach this elusive yet much sought after Google number 1 point. In short, long tail keywords actually have the potential to turn your site into a money maker.

Where can I find these long tail keywords?

Google offers a free keyword tool, which is an ideal starting point. Using this tool will be able to identify long tail candidates and get an idea of ​​the search volume and competition for one of the gems to discover. Its objective is to identify as many relevant keywords long tail, commercially viable as possible with the appropriate volume of searches and low competition. It seems difficult but not as difficult as you can imagine.

Or download one of quality tools or free keyword with modest prices available online. They not only make your job easier by identifying the long tail keywords with the push of a button, some also will seek and analyze the top ten competitors in its category chosen keyword and then describe the steps required to eliminate its pedestal.

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