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On Page SEO Search Engine Optimization Factors

On Page SEO Search Engine Optimization Factors

To get a high ranking in the search engines like google, bing etc for your web site, you must ensure that you consider all the key factors in the on page SEO Search Engine Optimization and try to make them more search engines friendly as possible.

On Page SEO Search Engine Optimization Factors:

The domain name

Choosing the domain name is one of the essential factors in the SEO page. In an ideal world, you would simply use a keyword, but you would be very lucky if that should be available. In practice, the best choice is better to use the keyword in the following start with something which is unique example ??? Keyword.comUsing a script is good for SEO purposes.

How the site is built

Remember that search engines can not read Flash content or graphics so they can be an obstacle for SEO purposes. Use the text to the extent possible.

To help the search engines find and index your contents be sure that you have a site map and submitted to google, bing and other search engines.

The keyword selection

Keyword selection is the most critical factor Page SEO (SEO effect in general) that the wrong keywords can mean that, in practice, you will not be able to get a good ranking.

Each page should be optimized for a keyword and all keywords (which means that the site as a whole) should be in the same niche.

You can used the google adwords keyword planner tool for free.

The URL for each page

Other important factors on-page SEO search engine optimization is the URL of each page should contain the keyword of the page. WordPress users should changed the permalinks to ‘Postname’.

Title Tags

The title page should include the keyword and, whenever possible, this should be the beginning.

Header Tags

The aim should be to include the keyword in h1 – h3 and others if possible. Securities may be distributed throughout the content.

How keywords are placed

Place keywords properly is another important SEO factors on the page that requires practice. The keyword must be in the first sentence and the last sentence and content. Instances of the key can be made more or bold or italic done.

Keyword Density

This is the total number of words divided by the number of the key uses. This should be about 2%. The idea is that the search engines to be clear that the content is relevant to the keyword, but not to suspect that you repeat the key word to handle. The keyword density is one of the factors on page SEO that you can do wrong with a negative result.

Use of Graphics

Search engines do read the Alt tag graphics and this can be one of the most effective on-page SEO factors. You must have a card with the keyword as the alt text on each page.

Internal and external links

Internal links with a keyword anchor text to be used throughout the site. You must also have external links to relevant sites. If you use WordPress plugin, you can be used to create links automatically. It is important to remember that the external links is another factor on the page SEO potential negative consequences. Make sure your external links are only at reputable sites.

Legal Pages

One of the factors on page SEO is often overlooked is the standard pages. Search engines look for pages and pages of legal contact so you should have them. These are pages about us, Contact, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Search engines prefer content and make a minimum of 300 words and a maximum as long as you think your visitors will read.

The content must be unique and should not be duplicated instead. You should have no misspelling or typographical error and should read well for visitors.

Search engines tend to prefer the new content so you must add the contents into an ongoing basis, updating and existing contents. This would rank your page rank too.

Recommended: If you are wordpress user than install SEO yoast plugin.

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