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People from every walk of life

People from every walk of life
Envisage victory & strife
But at some point u find
Tardiness in Your life and mind
Ur life stops and c0mes to an end
And u are in oblivion with nothing to fight for or defend
Anything may stimulate it
Personal loss or a joblez status maybe fit
But such a break from your daily buzz
Lets u rethink on your deed with not much fuss
then u realise that all th0se painstaking days
With pangs of emotion
joy and anger has left u frail
Making u maudlin and in a state of enigma
U wail out unconsciously Oh Ma
Then u wonder y u were ever born
Is it to end up like this ,hopeless and forlorn
U ponder over your contribution to the world
Then as u go deeper to the murky mind
u even question the existence of such a world
But human mind is often a monkey
It jumps and hops towards success and it’s key
As guinea pigs we go on and on
thru the tedious cycle of life rite from the time we were born
We never know our way nor our destination
But man goes on with God as prime stimulation
Realise that life isn’t constant dying and learn to honour fraternity
And indeed life is a “gift snatched frm eternity”

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