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Proper Way Use WordPress for Ecommerce Websites

Proper Way Use WordPress for Ecommerce Websites

Proper Way Use WordPress for Ecommerce Websites

So you bought a hosting plan, registering your domain name and products to sell. So what you’re left? You still have to create your e-commerce website, and if you decide to use WordPress, you’ll be able to create a website quickly and easily.

Using WordPress for e-commerce sites, e-commerce dynamic site can be created that you will be able to keep for you.

Benefits of using WordPress for e-commerce site:

1. Built-in RSS feeds for visitors to subscribe to.

2. Easy to set up and customize.

3. Interactivity through commenting is enabled.

4. Extension community support is available online.

5. Free myriad subjects.

6. The products can be sold using ecommerce plugins.

7. Search engines checked automatically.

8. friendly pages for search engines are created.

9. Trackbacks for strengthening the links are activated.

Creating an e-commerce WordPress site?

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Installing WordPress

Look in the “Software” section after entering your cPanel hosting account. You will find a link to WordPress under “Software”.

You can install the WordPress files by clicking on this link. A password will be generated that will log onto the admin panel of your site. This will install your site with the default theme.

Select a theme template

You can find hundreds of free WordPress themes by searching “free WordPress themes” in Google. Unzip the file after downloading the zip file to your desktop.

Load Issues folder files on your site serve (wp-content-questions). Log into the administration area of ​​your site and click the appearance to enable the new theme.

Click “Add” after selecting your new theme. Your new theme will now be applied to your site.

Add the e-commerce plugin

To find an appropriate plug-in e-commerce to add to your new site e-commerce, search for “e-commerce WordPress plug-in” on Google and download it to your desktop. Install the files in the plugins folder of your site on the server (wp-content-plugins).

Ecommerce links now appear in account, cash, products, Page sidebar and transaction results after activating the plugin.

The addition of their products

You can set parameters of the products by visiting the general settings of your plug-in, and then add their products.

That the plugin has been downloaded, you can add as many products as you want. You can manage everything in the admin panel.

Search Engine Optimization

You can optimize the title and Meta tags for the content of your WordPress blog SEO Pack installing the all-in-one. To create the search engine web address or URL pages and change the permalink structure. You can accomplish this by going to Settings> Permalinks> Custom Layout.

In the empty box /%postname%.html insert and save the changes.

Promote your e-commerce site

Unless traffic to your WordPress eCommerce site, you will not sell much. Some effective ways to generate traffic include:

Article Marketing
Blog Directory
Information sheet
Pay per click marketing
Directory RSS
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Video

Watch your site

You can track the number of visitors to visit the site statistics that will most likely included with your hosting plan.

It will also be able to track where visitors and the keywords they use for their show your site in the search engines come. This is a convenient way to control the traffic of your website.

Three main reasons for using WordPress for e-commerce sites:

Here are the three main reasons why this will actually benefit by using WordPress to run your e-commerce site:

WordPress is search engine: If you use a good WordPress theme optimized search engine in its e-commerce site, which will be effective indexing in search engines and users to find quickly.

WordPress is free: Using WordPress, you should not buy the software itself, because WordPress is an open source software itself. Most web hosting companies offer WordPress seem reputation click Install.

WordPress is easy: WordPress can be used by anyone who knows how to use Microsoft Word. An online store can be treated with relative ease thanks to the visual interface of WordPress.

It is clear that the use of WordPress for e-commerce sites is beneficial in many ways, and now you know how to use WordPress for their own e-commerce site.

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