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Smashing Tips To Improve Page Rank Of Website Blog

Smashing Tips To Improve Page Rank Of Website Blog

Boost Your Website Page Rank:

Google Page Rank system has actually added an interesting twist on the game while optimizing search engines (SEO). SEO is what it is and most misunderstood. Site optimization, these days, counts for very little. He returns to off-site optimization and this is Page Rank (PR) comes in. A high page rank is of vital importance in achieving high traffic locations with Google. “How to increase Google Page Rank is an important question that must be answered if you are serious about improving traffic to your search engine.

First, it is important to distinguish between page rank (PR) and traffic rank. Where range is placed in a specific search term. Page rank is Google’s ranking system they use to determine the importance of your website or web page. A PR of 10 is the highest and the lowest PR of 0 and Google banned your site from their index, then not even have a PR.

Why page rank is so important that it is because it greatly affects your ranking in the search engines. In terms of low competition, this does not matter much, but again, it is only a matter of time before he sorted by someone else. Suppose three sites suggest the exact same keyword or key phrase. What will determine the one that gets the best ranking in a search for the term? The answer is the page rank. A site with PR 7 is seen as more important than a PR 5 or 6 and Google to place himself above the two with lower PR.

If you are looking for ways to increase Google Page Rank, there are some simple steps you can take immediately to begin to improve yours. Always remember that Google is looking for “importance”. So how can Google tell if your site is important or not? Remember that Google is merely an index, and an index of the library, which is designed to make it easy for you to find the most relevant information quickly. The most important of your site, the greater the likelihood that your site information is displayed in relevant research.

One of the most effective ways to increase their perceived importance with Google is when other important sites that you think is important. This is not really a new concept and we see in advertising all the time. Companies pay “important people” to approve their products and the idea behind it is that if this important person is the useful product, then it must be good.

The thought of Google is very similar. If you can get important sites link to you, you can improve your page rank and therefore improve traffic to your search engine. In highly competitive niches this page is very important and high ranking, you can enter virtually any market. The most effective strategies for how to increase Google Page Rank, is to get other sites to link to you and thereby can convince Google how important your site is actually.

The idea of ​​link building has been discussed to death and there are many theories and black hat ‘tricks there. Here are some tips to help you increase your Google page rank effectively.

-: The higher the page rank of the page that links to you the better, but the relevance is equally important. Make sure the site that links to you is at least in the same niche as yours. Random links mean nothing to Google – remember it’s all about the importance and perceived relevance.

-: Build your links gradually. Google robot is not as stupid as many people make it out to be. If you get 100 links in a day is definitely marked red area. The best way is to build gradually and links to your site regularly.

-: Rule One way links! A one way link is worth more than a reciprocal link. Many law called “link farms” as a link exchange where you can exchange links with other sites in your niche. Although the value of a Google way links more than reciprocal links still represent – you do not know how long. From what I understand Google does not like link exchanges.

With software like SEO Elite you are able to find high PR sites in your niche and build back links from them. SEO Elite ‘Spies in the top sites in your niche to see where they get their links from and to see if you can get a link from them (one-way or reciprocal) free. Sniff the PR 7 and 8 sites in your niche is priceless and only takes two of them to take his own group at this level.

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