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Things You Should Need To Know About WordPress

Things You Should Need To Know About WordPress

Things You Should Need To Know About WordPress

WordPress is an open source project that began in 2003 and now has over 60 million members. WordPress is free to anyone, and no license fees because it was developed by the community for the community.

Everyone, from beginners to experienced software engineers can use WordPress to create attractive and functional websites blogs. There are two different versions of WordPress that can be used and WordPress.com WordPress.org. This article will cover the difference between these two versions.


WordPress.com is free and very easy to use. No need for a domain name as there is the possibility of using a yourname.wordpress.com field. The other option is to register a domain name through WordPress for $ 12 per year.

WordPress.com offers many different safety nets that prevent members break their own sites. Some of the features include security, backup, configuration and updates. This makes it difficult for beginners to make your site unusable.

This version of WordPress has some limitations, especially, there is a limited number of themes available. The other major drawback is that plugins are not available in this version.


This is the self-hosted version requires a web hosting company to host the blog that costs money. Guests shared costs between $ 5 and $ 10 / month. A registered domain name is necessary because in this version there is no possibility of a WordPress domain name.

WordPress installation is necessary with WordPress.org version that can be difficult. There are web hosting companies that offer one-click installations makes this process much easier. WordPress is that it provides detailed installation instructions that help you with this part if a click installation is not an option.

Although this option is more difficult to implement access to plugins and themes that are not available on WordPress.org, they are worth it. Themes are an option with WordPress.org although the choices are limited and there are not many customization options.

WordPress.org provides access to thousands of plugins that enhance SEO, create forms and compress images. These plugins make it easy to customize and enhance a web site for users. You can make money with a website through AdSense or WordPress.org transform the site into an eCommerce solution. This is a great advantage and is a big reason why many people start websites to start.

The disadvantages of using WordPress.org are backup protection against voltage surges and traffic. To solve both problems make sure it is regular backups on the site and whether the desired result occurs, and the site became an immediate success there are plugins that can be used to handle the additional traffic.


If the site is going to be just a simple informative blog that is safe to assume that using WordPress.com would be good. One thing to keep in mind is that you do not own WordPress.com site, so there is a slight possibility that WordPress might decide to delete it if you do not like the content.

If the e-commerce site or to generate money when you need it, simply go to the site WordPress.org. While it is possible to convert a site once it has been created that can affect SEO ranking, let alone the hassle added to change again and cons of the site to the public. In the coming weeks, we will release a variety of articles that provide more information about WordPress themes including WordPress, plugins, content and design, and how to create a professional website using WordPress.org.

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