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Top Reasons You Should Build Website On WordPress

Top Reasons You Should Build Website On WordPress

Top Reasons You Should Build Website On WordPress

If you just received your company and still are learning how to improve your online presence or you had a website for a while and you’re not satisfied, you may have heard of WordPress and WordPress you could You ask why. In short WordPress is a publishing platform used to build websites and blogs. It provides a highly customizable user interface. WordPress powers millions of websites around the world, and many major brands use WordPress.

WordPress is not just for blogs.

Long ago, when someone says WordPress, everyone thought automatically from blogs. Although still the best solution to be used for blogs, has come a long way and has become a very broad range content management used to power many types of websites, including business locations, boards of employment websites that offer classified ads, etc.

WordPress is profitable … it’s free!

It would cost a lot of money to have a custom CMS developed that could do what WordPress; Why not save money with WordPress? No need to reinvent the wheel with WordPress being freely accessible and customizable. As WordPress plugins are usually free as well. These plugins are generally not only open source, but open too. This means that WordPress, you can change them if necessary.

WordPress is flexible

One great thing about WordPress is, as I mentioned above, which is completely open source – meaning that the source code used to run WordPress is available to the public. This means that anyone on the planet can change the code if necessary and further customize WordPress what they need. Often it is not necessary, but it also means that the plugins and themes (templates) created for the platform are also open source! Imagine a global community working together to add more features to WordPress – you are not limited to only being able to use employees or specific promoters to produce customizations, which means it is a powerful CMS willing to do what that need, it is flexible and easy to customize.

WordPress is SEO friendly

Search engines like Google love WordPress because it uses the well-written code. If you are looking to gain an advantage with search engine optimization, WordPress is the way to go to your website and / or blog. While I’m on the subject, adding new relevant content for your website is easy with WordPress which is highly recommended as part of your online marketing strategy as it tells the search engines that your site is alive , increasing the scope of your site and your chances of being found by biological research.

Premium WordPress themes has cheap

The themes are those that provide the WordPress design, it is what connects the CMS to the end user. WordPress is very flexible and adaptable. While there are some great free themes, I found that for $ 70 good premium themes are simply worth every penny. Most have almost no need for personalization!

WordPress makes it easy to find a solution.

Plugins are essentially allowances that can be easily installed in the WordPress panel to add functions that are not part of the code base. If you need an entity or entities that are not incorporated into, there are literally thousands of plugins available to enhance the functionality of WordPress. In almost all cases, it is unlikely already developed a solution for everything you need – the possibilities are literally endless!

WordPress sustained global community.

Because WordPress is open source, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people working to help make better. You will find a WordPress global community has actively supported the developers and users of WordPress! WordPress is regularly updated with new features, bug fixes and security patches. Also, because there is a surrounding community as WordPress, any developer can work on a WordPress based site to update, make changes, etc., so you will never be held hostage by a designer or developer. You own your website!

WordPress is easy to use

This is perhaps my favorite thing WordPress. You must not be a technical genius to learn how to use WordPress. I always tell my clients: if you know how to use Microsoft Word, (? And let’s be honest who does not) you’ll be able to easily update the content of your WordPress site. You do not have to be a web designer to update its content. That’s the magic of WordPress! Beyond content editing, WordPress offers a main admin interface that is visually easy to navigate and very effective. Everything is organized logically, making it easy to find what you want, when you add / change Add / Edit a post or an article, upload pictures, user management, etc. WordPress is the best content management system to use to build your website!

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