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Why My Website Is Not Ranking In The Search Engines

Why My Website Is Not Ranking In The Search Engines

Most website owners aim to obtain a serial number one on Google, but most of them can not get there website on the first page, there are a variety of different reasons why your website may not be on the first page of Google. Here are 5 possible reasons:

You Have Not Optimized Your Page For Any Keywords : 

This is one of the most common reasons for not being in the position. When you build your site must spend time choosing keywords to target and must also ensure that these keywords are in place on your page and your title tags. If you have not already, you should take the time to do it as soon as possible, otherwise good chance of getting a top ranking does not cease.

Targeting Keywords That Are Too Competitive :

Another reason for not ranked in Google is that you have chosen keywords that are extremely competitive. This is especially true if your website is relatively new and has not built many links to it. When people search on Google in general, they do not go beyond the first or second page of results. Check the websites on the first page of Google. They are well established authority sites? Do they have a high page rank? Do they have a lot of backlinks? If so, you’ll have to do a lot of work to overcome these sites, so you may find it easier to target less competitive keywords in place.

You Need More Backlinks :

The number and quality of links to your site (also known as backlinks) is the most important thing that determines your ranking in search engines. If you are not ranking your keyword go to Google and type the keyword in the search box (without the quotes), then take note of the first 5 domain names appearing in the results. Go to a backlink checking tool and see how many backlinks these sites. Compare this to your own site and this will give more idea of ​​how many links you need to reach the top.

You Have To Give More Time :

The rankings of the search engines are not usually arrive within days or weeks. The latest is your site, the more time to wait to get a good grade. Similarly, the competitiveness of the keyword you are targeting is, the more you have to wait. Track your progress over time by checking your backlinks and your ranking and compares it to their competitors. This will help ensure that you are in the right direction.

Your Website Has Errors That Preventing It From Being Crawled : 

Most sites have HTML errors or warnings, so do not feel compelled to go on a mission to correct any errors on your site. In general, search engines can crawl your site even when there are errors, but in some cases, a mistake can stop your page crawled completely. The best way to determine whether a problem is to create a Google Webmaster account and verify your site. If there are errors that creep is shown on your webmaster account, and you should make your priority to solve.

Hopefully these five reasons that give some idea of ​​why your website is not yet ranked in Google!

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